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Refer a Friend and earn £50!

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Refer a Friend and earn £50!
by Mark Richardson (Admin) - Thursday, 15 June 2017, 12:48 PM



Have you enjoyed your time at CU? Would someone you know benefit from our innovative and exciting teaching and learning? If so, refer them to any of CU's three campuses and you can receive £50!*


What is the Refer a Friend Scheme?

We want to reward those who have helped to make CU a thriving seat of learning in Coventry, Scarborough and coming soon to London. If you know a friend, family member or colleague who is interested in life-shaped learning then refer them to CU and receive £50 as a thank you from us.

How do I refer someone?

To be eligible to refer someone, you must be:

·         A current student at CU.

·         An applicant to CU.

·         Alumni of CU.

To refer someone, please download and complete the Student Referral Form and submit it to cuc@coventry.ac.uk


Refer a Friend Scheme Rules

1.    The offer is open only to applicants, current students, and alumni of CU group.

2.    Applicants cannot refer themselves.

3.    You must use the official version of the referral form.  Max of one referral per form. 

4.    Forms must be legible and have all information completed.

5.    The referred student must enrol with CU Coventry, CU London or CU Scarborough within 2 intakes of the referral form being received.

6.    Referral forms will not be processed if an earlier application has been received from the student (for any intake or course).

7.    If more than one referral is received for a prospective student the first one received will be recognised.

8.    Referred students in all courses must remain enrolled and be in good financial/academic standing for at least two modules to qualify. 

9.    The Senior Management Team will make the final decision on Referral eligibility.


Why choose CU?

CU is designed for those who want to benefit from high quality courses in a modern learning environment. So if you need a little reminder of why CU is the right choice for your friend, family member or colleague, share the below with them.






We'd love to hear from you

If you have any questions about our Refer a Friend Scheme, please contact us using:

talk. 024 7765 8787
write. cuc@coventry.ac.uk
see. www.coventry.ac.uk/cuc/study/multi-campus/​

*terms and conditions apply. To read our T&Cs and to refer someone, please download and complete the Student Referral Form).